For residents

Drop In is a local network which connects homes, local services and webshops easily by using newest locking technology and cloud service. The service allows entry to your home 24/7 even when you are not present.

Drop In gives a new market for  local service providers. Your nearby shopkeeper can now deliver shoppings strait to your home or laundry could be retrieved and returned without any schedule problems. It is possible to give permission to responders to entry the dwelling  in an emergency.

Drop In service rises cheaply living standard spacially among the retired, families with children or those inhabitants who are living on an areas without decent local services.

How to use

Register to Drop In-service (at the first time only).
Shop and pay to your webshop. International or local, hot or cold, big or tiny.

Drop In send elelctronic key for the courier. When the delivery is succeed and door locked you will get a message (and a video clip of the delivery).

DropIn creates a new local market for local enrtepeneurs and shopkeepers.

Ask your shopkeepers to join the Drop In service!