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Drop In is a local network which connects homes, local services and webshops  easily by using newest locking technology and cloud service. The service allows entry to the dwellings 24/7 even when the residents are not present. It eliminates the “last mile problem” allowing webshop couriers enter easily into clients dwelling.

Drop In gives a new market for  local service providers. It is possible to give permission to responders to entry the dwelling  in an emergency.

Drop In service rises cheaply living standard among the peak age, retired, families with children or those inhabitants who are living on areas without decent local services.

Drop In home delivery service

Drop In supplies all net shops to yor home – anytime – from global unique products to local shops and service providers.

It makes deliveries of goods and services controlled and hassle free – saving residents time and effort.

Drop In is also turning the modern, ecological lifestyle in to everyday living –no impulse buys, no useless waste.

Drop In is easiest way to shop and  most secure way to control home activities.

Drop In – smart locking

  • Drop In let you be in change – control access where and whenever
  • Drop In is the most secure way of locking  – you are always informed when delivery is in progress and completed –  lock opend and closed.
  • You can easily give a ”a key” for a single delivery, permanent access to you trusted ones – and everything in between.
  • You can revoke the lock access at any time. You will receive a video clip from your door during the delivery.